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Have you seen that video from that Norwegian band about what sound animals make? I have not because I have ADD and can’t watch an entire three minute video, but I heard about it on Good Morning America, so it’s like I’ve seen it. (Confession – I watched 20-30 seconds of the video when it came out before anyone knew about it, but not enough to make an informed comment before I saw it broken down on GMA).

I found this scarf at Urban Outfitters during their college night, where I abused my college ID to get a measly 10% off my purchase. (I graduated college in 2011, in case anyone was wondering.) The photo quality is all kinds of terrible because it was taken on my prototype iPhone iPhone 4, but snaps to my friend Jamie from The Beauty of Life who so willingly agreed (really, offered) to take the photos. So the imagery is GREAT, but the quality from my iPhone… not so much. Anyway, I love novelty scarves, zebras, and animals on clothes in general so I snapped it up.

I wanted to take advantage of the last 90 degree days of the year by wearing this dress from Brandy Melville. I had a hard time the first time I wore it figuring out what bra to wear (so I went bra-less, whoops), and I realized this time that an Aerie black bralette would go perfect because it would blend in and not look slutty.

The shoes are just a standard in my wardrobe. I’m five foot, so I really only wear flats on the weekends running errands (even then, that’s a stretch) and maybe one day during the work week to give my Achilles a break.



Get my look:
Dress – Brandy Melville
Scarf – Urban Outfitters (sold out online, but dig around in stores and you might find it)
Bralette – Aerie
Shoes – Elie Tahari (old)


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How annoying are my crappy iPhone photos? Can you dress scandalous at work?

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