What shade of blonde is most flattering?

What shade of blonde is most flattering?

What shade of blonde is most flattering?

If you’re considering trying a new hair color for your blonde hair, it’s best to start with one that you’re sure will look really, really good on you. This got us thinking, what are the safest bets when it comes to hair color? Is there a color that everyone can choose to their liking, a color that is popular among celebrities and others, a color that looks good on just about everyone?

What shade of blonde is most flattering?

When it comes to finding the most flattering blonde hue for your skin tone, the possibilities are endless! Whether you’re a sun-kissed beach blonde or a cool, icy ash blonde, there’s a flattering shade out there for you.

Honey hair color is the most versatile, whether you prefer honey blonde or honey brown. Honey blonde is a warm, bright, and medium-dark blonde color that is closer to light brown than platinum blonde. Honey brown is a warm, caramel brown color that is multidimensional and more of a light brown than a chocolate brown. It gives you a lot to work with, and that’s partly why we love it.

Natural brunettes

When it comes to going blonde, natural brunettes have a plethora of options to choose from. From cool, ash-toned platinum to warm, sun-kissed golden highlights, the key to finding the perfect blonde shade for you is to match it with your skin’s undertones and overtones. The further you deviate from this rule, the bolder the statement you’ll make, but also the greater the risk that the color will make you look washed out or yellow. Before making a trip to the hair salon or picking up a bottle of lightener, it’s crucial to understand which blonde shade is the most suitable for you.

Strawberry blonde

Individuals with naturally fair skin tones typically have the most success with the lightest blonde shades, such as ultra-light blonde or platinum. Strawberry blonde can also be a great option for these skin tones. To determine which cool or warm undertones your skin has and adjust accordingly. If you have cool undertones, opt for cool and ash-toned blonde shades, and for warm undertones, select creamy and pearl-toned blonde shades.

However, it is important to keep in mind that unless your base color is already light, going for these shades will likely result in significant hair damage and visible regrowth. This will require regular deep conditioning and salon visits to maintain. If you prefer something low-maintenance, consider opting for a darker blonde shade with platinum, honey, or gold highlights, which will still give you the desired blonde look, but with less damage to the hair.

Golden blonde

If you have fair skin and bright eyes, a golden or honey blonde can add depth and dimension, while those with medium skin tones can go for a warm, caramel or strawberry blonde, which will make your eyes pop. For those with darker skin, ash blonde or beige blonde is a great choice, as it will bring out the warmth in your complexion.

No matter what your skin tone is, the key to finding the most flattering blonde shade is to go for something that contrasts with your skin—not something that matches it too closely. If you’re still unsure of what shade to go for, it’s always best to have a consultation with a hair colourist. They can help you choose the exact right tone to flatter your complexion and bring out your natural beauty!

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