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Let me hop on my soap box for one second: I’m a basically life-long runner who has fallen into the “I can eat anything because I run” trap. You know why it’s a trap? Because you’ll gain weight. Sure, you just ran 13.1 miles so we’ll go with the high estimate and say you burned 1,300 calories. If you eat whatever you want for a week after you’re going to eat those 1,300 calories right back up and possibly more, especially if you’re eating a lot of junk.

Alternately, if you don’t fuel your body properly for a hard workout, like a half-marathon or a marathon, you won’t be able to compete at a high-level. Do you think Shalane Flanagan eats 1,200 calories the day before a race? Definitely not, she eats a lot more, and she’s able to run sub-six minute miles for 26+ miles. Food is fuel and you have to figure out what works for you (insert I’m not a nutritionist disclaimer).

I’ve been running half-marathons for over four years now, both when I was in college and thought I could eat whatever I wanted because I ran 13 miles and now when I have a vague clue of what to eat so my body works it’s best. Yes, have a big meal – especially if you ran a full marathon – but don’t think it gives you license to eat whatever crap you feel like a week before or prior because you won’t fuel properly, you won’t recover properly, and you’ll gain weight.

Okay, I’m done.

Nike Women’s Half-Marathon DC was the first race I’ve ran since going totally gluten-free. I think for the most part I fueled well, but this week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning I’m going to focus on adding a little more sugar – more coconut water, some added honey, a little extra fruit – because my glucose stores definitely weren’t topped off because my legs were tired by mile four. Here is what I ate on Saturday to prep for the race.

Breakfast – Crockpot Oatmeal with Chocolate Nuttzo, Strawberries and Greek Yogurt

Eaten out of tupperware, per usual, while I waited for my car to get brakes and new AC.

This is basically the same breakfast I eat every morning, except I added a little extra Nuttzo and too-much yogurt.

Lunch – Brown Rice Wrap with Turkey, Brie, Avocado, Spinach and Mustard

This is a recycled photo I took on a plane (more about that coming soon) but I basically eat this in some form or another (weekend lunch or weeknight dinner) 3-4 times a week. I eat the same foods all the time, remember?

Snack – Picky Bar

Stock photo because I devoured it before remembering to photograph, per usual.

Last week I remembered I had exactly one gel and so during lunch, I ran over to REI to grab more. While I was there, I decided to grab a few more snack-y things since REI has THE BEST SNACKS. I grabbed a couple Picky Bars and had the “Runner’s High” (vanilla, hemp, blueberry) and not only was it insanely delicious, it was super satisfying.

Snack – Baked Sweet Potato with Cottage Cheese and Almond Butter

Recycled photo, ate it while driving so clearly wasn’t going to photograph it.

Again: same snack, different day. Carb loading without simple carbs is delicious.

Dinner – Olivita Salad with Grilled Chicken & Gluten-Free Pizza from Pete’s A-Pizza

Of course I Googled “Best gluten-free pizza DC” before I left. Pete’s A-Pizza was mentioned on a few lists so we checked it out and weren’t disappointed. I started with a salad with grilled chicken, as I always do before a race.

Spinach Olivada Salad from Pete’s A Pizza

Then I had “Kyra’s Pizza” (their GF-crust) with fresh mozzarella, roasted garlic, caramelized onions, artichokes, mushrooms, and arugula (which I don’t think made it on the pizza).

My ritual pre-race meal: pizza.

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