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Last month (I’m constantly on Italian time, even with the blog, which is nothing new) I went to Cincinnati with Angela to visit my cousin Jaimie and oh yeah, see Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Jaimie is forced to love me because I’m related to her. She isn’t forced to like me, so we’ve lucked out that we’ve always gotten along and as we get older, I definitely consider her one of my best friends. She understands my intense food anxiety and always makes sure that I’m somewhere I can get vegetables (oh, and wine). Even before I came she texted me to see what groceries I wanted her to have in the house for me.

I’ll do a full Cincinnati recap in the next few weeks since I was so pleasantly surprised with the city (I actually have SO MANY RECIPES shot, it’s insane), but until then, I thought I would share some of the food I ate while I was there and link up for What I Ate Wednesday in the process!

Friday when we got there, we freshened up and went to Over-the-Rhine, the cool, up and coming neighborhood in Cincy. Abigail Street, where we decided to have dinner, doesn’t take reservations, so we had about an hour wait and spent most of it at Senate Pub, it’s sister restaurant next-door (you can walk through one to get to there other, actually).

First off, lots of wine. It’s summer so we had to have Rosé, duh. We each had a glass at Senate, followed by a bottle of Pinot Gris from Willamette Valley (swoon) at Abigail Street.

Abigail Street is tapas, so we each picked one thing then went with the special, which was an heirloom tomato salad. Angela picked the beets, Jaimie picked the lamb sliders and I picked the borek. We probably would have

ordered like 8 things and only eaten 3

 (cough, Tasty n’ Alder, cough) if we didn’t decide to cap it at one each then see how we felt.

Heirloom Tomato Salad from Abigail Street.

Beets with hazelnuts and lemon vinaigrette at Abigail Street.

Instagramming the s**t out of some vegetables.

I’ve never had borek… it was roasted eggplant, peppers and feta in phyllo dough. Not that I should be eating phyllo dough, but whatever.

My favorite dish… Borek!

These lamb sliders had a clever little flag… too soon, seeing as Frosty had passed away that week.

Lamb sliders. Too soon.

Saturday breakfast was me eating berries and granola with a little yogurt prior to running 12 miles, during which I think I crossed state lines like 4 times (yet was SO AMUSED two weeks ago when I crossed county lines during a 14-miler). After I came back and got a shower, I inhaled a salad and didn’t take a photo of it.

I ran past this coffee shop called Carabello Coffee that was PACKED during my run. I bribed my equally-caffine addicted comrades with the promise that I would purchase their coffees if we stopped by there.

Almond milk looks so gross in iced coffee.

Fun fact: everyone who was trying to see Jay-Z and Beyonce was planning on eating near the stadium so we ended up walking downtown to find a place to eat. We ended up at Local 127 (and it happened to be closing that night) and I inhaled yet another salad and split a chicken dish with Angela. My cousin made out with some copper mugs from my Moscow Mule.

1/2 a chicken.

So… funny story. I though Emily had been to Cincinnati and eaten at a place called Melt that she loved. No, no she had been to Cleveland and eaten at a place called Melt that she loved. Ohio, please get some cities that don’t start with a C. Anyway, so then I saw this place called Melt and made everyone go there for brunch on Sunday and it wasn’t even the same place. But it was good. So there you go… you win some, you lose some.

Some sort of fritatta involving vegetables and a salad from Melt.

Chat with me:
Are your family/friends as awesome as mine/supportive of your food insanity? Have you ever been to Cincinnati? WHERE SHOULD I EAT NEXT?

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