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I’m sorry I’ve been a crappy blogger and haven’t posted. I know you’re all pretty bummed (i.e. I’m bummed and no one has noticed i haven’t posted).

This week has kind of been a wash. I’ve even only been to yoga twice so far (but I am going this morning!). But, in spite of this week, I have 3-4 posts for next week all ready planned out so I can take week four of being a blogger by storm.

Check out some things I’ve been loving since last Saturday.

Elle Creative Director Joe Zee on what makes great content (both digital and print) as well as his favorite food haunts in NYC. Social media and food? My two favorite things.

This girl broke up with her boyfriend and moved across the world to Australia to be an au pair. Not sure if I want to be an au pair, but I definitely would love to drop everything and move to Australia.

Anthony Bourdain (my hero for those of you who don’t know) on his summer vacation, surprisingly ultra-normal (probably too normal for even me).


I think I missed fresh fig season… can anyone confirm? If not, I’m making these fig & goat cheese honey muffins. Also if figs are still in season, I plan on making something super exciting.

I indulged a little with my friend Jamie last night at The Cake & Cookie Spot. Totally worth it.

Oreo and Reece Cup Cake Shots!


Parks and Recreation is back! Despite my excitement, I still haven’t watched the first episode. Whoops.

I’ve been binge-watching (for me) Orange is the New Black. It will still likely take me another 2-3 weeks (I think I started a month ago) to finish the entire season (I have 3-4 episodes left), but I really love it. I’ll have to read the book afterwards.


If you live in the same city that I do, go check out this Giant Rubber Duck. I typically have a lot of anxiety around installation art, but this guy is pretty cute. Look for some exclusive photos coming soon.

Plan your New Year’s Eve. I know it’s not even October yet and maybe I should think about Halloween first, but the bestie and I are headed somewhere for sun, sand, and [hopefully] surf. Any suggestions on where to head?


Why can I not stop listening to Lorde? She’s like a less-psychopath Lana Del Ray.


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