Beyond Words: Simple yet Effective Ways to Show Your Kids How Much You Love Them

As a mother, there is nothing more important to me than my children. From the moment they were born, I have loved them with every fiber of my being and have always wanted to do everything in my power to show them how much they mean to me.

As a mom, the affection I feel for my kids is limitless. I want them to grow up knowing that they are deeply loved. Every single moment gives me a new opportunity to express my feelings and to say ‘I love you’ not only in words, but also in actions and deeds. There are easy ways to show your children you love them every day of the year.

Here are a few ideas to get you started …

Touch Your Child

Hugging, kissing and caressing are all wonderful ways to shower your child with affection. I really hope that you are giving your child as many hugs, kisses, and tickles of their plump baby bellies as you possibly can.

Today, however, I would want to take this opportunity to encourage you to be conscious of the many tiny opportunities you have to show tenderness toward your children.

Think especially about how your touch affects your child in the following situations

  • brushing their hair
  • washing their face
  • dressing children or putting on their pyjamas
  • Put them in a high chair or seat with a booster seat
  • Putting them to bed

It can be easy to overlook these chances to show affection as so many of the activities involved in the care of our children are repeated (and repeated) until we can go on “auto-pilot” doing them.

Instead, take advantage of this time to bond with your kids and show them that you care. Make an active effort to infuse these mundane responsibilities with love as you go about your day.

This doesn’t just apply to babies and toddlers. Big kids and teens need that connection, too – Gently rub their shoulders, tie their hair or hold their hand. …… Such simple gestures can convey a lot.

Remember Your Child

Children, just like adults, need reassurance that they are missed when apart. Let your child know that you are thinking of them when you are not together.

If your child is going out of home, send them a souvenir: a note in their lunchbox, a funny picture of the two of you, a comic from the newspaper, or even a small item like a sticker or a doodle.

If you are the one leaving, bring back something for them. It doesn’t have to be fancy or cost you anything.

Here are a few things that my kids appreciate lot:

  • A quick picture from our smartphone camera of something fun from the day.
  • The free stickers handed out at the supermarket.
  • A drawing you made for them.
  • An interesting leaf or stone (we love heart-shaped stones at home)
  • a flower you’ve picked especially for them

These gestures show your love and affection and can help your child feel connected to you even when you are apart.

Let Your Child Help You

Allow your children to help you with the chores around the house and in the kitchen if they express a desire to do so. Include them in the activities you do on a daily basis and make it a point to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions they make.

Yes, you can probably get things done faster without their help, but speed is not the goal. Slow down, be patient, and don’t worry about doing things perfectly.

Involve them with the following activities.

  • Let them help you fold the laundry
  • cook together
  • my kids love to sweep the floor
  • shovel the snow, rake the leaves and weed the garden together

Talk and share as you do your chores. Take advantage of these everyday tasks and turn them into chances to create memories. When I was a kid, I have very clear memories of the day that we did laundry. I remember helping my mother sort the clothes and then hanging them out to dry on the clothesline. When I put up the clothes of my own children, I can’t help but think about my mother.

Create Something for Your Child

Make something special for your child. I love knitting for my children. With each stitch, a piece of my heart goes into a little hat, sweater or blanket. My sister sews clothes and toys for her kids.

However, it doesn’t have to be a complicated or tedious project to make a child feel loved.

  • Draw a picture for your child
  • Compose a short poem for them
  • Build them a tower out of blocks or create a scene with dolls for them to explore.
  • Prepare their favorite meal
  • Have some fun with their meal: Make a happy face with an orange slice and a heart-shaped cutout from a sandwich.

Sing for Your Child

Your children do not care about the sound of your voice. Anything you sing will be a melody for your child. We sing in everyday life, and the songs we sing are often silly and have meaning only for us. Our family even has a song about putting away the dishwasher. Yes, we made up a song about our dishwasher.

My children absolutely adore it when all of us sing rounds together. However, you shouldn’t feel as though you have to limit yourself to singing only children’s songs or nursery rhymes. Sing them some of your all-time favorite songs, whether they’re by the Beatles, hymns, or tunes that your parents used to sing to you when you were kid. Make up songs for them or change the words to an existing song and personalize it for your child.

I find that singing lullabies to my children when I put them to bed at the end of a long and hectic day is one of my most relaxing activities.
When a child is lulled to sleep by someone singing to them, can you even imagine how beautiful and reassuring it must feel for them?

Say the Words

Of course, there is still the easiest way to tell your children that you love them: just tell them.

Demonstrating your love through your actions is crucial. Show your kids that you care by making an effort to be present and attentive when they need you, and by actively listening and trying to understand their perspective.

In conclusion, there are countless ways to show your kids how much you love them. Whether it’s through quality time, physical affection, kind words, or thoughtful actions, every little gesture goes a long way in reinforcing your love and connection with your children. As a mom, it’s my greatest joy to shower my children with love and I hope that these ideas will inspire you to do the same for your own little ones.

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