WARDAH Seaweed Cleansing Micellar Water Review

I thought why not start with a topic that I’m quite familiar with, which is skincare. .Though I don’t experiment with a lot of skincare products, there are a few that I would like to share my opinion on. Skincare, specifically cleansing and sun protection, is a favorite topic of mine to write about. I find it important to take care of our skin so that it looks and feels healthy and natural. I am not opposed to makeup, but I often prefer to go without it.

Before I delve too deeply into the subject, I wanted to share my thoughts on Wardah’s latest micellar cleansing water. As the trend of cleansing waters continues to grow, I am happy to see more and more local brands releasing their own versions. I have been a loyal Bioderma user since 2018 and, so far, I have not found any other brand that matches its fragrance component.

Wardah Seaweed Cleansing Micellar Water

Wardah Cleansing Water does not contain fragrance.

I repeat.

It does not contain fragrance.

Surprising, isn’t it? Most local brands almost always contain this ingredient. Maybe consumers just like to smell the product in their free time, but that doesn’t matter.

This 240ml cleansing water comes in a flip top bottle that seems secure, but I have not yet tested its durability while travelling or accidentally dropping it from a high place. Looks pretty safe though, just maybe don’t go off dropping it from a tall building?

On to the ingredients list! I’m not gonna bore you with a lecture on each one like I usually do. But I’ll definitely point out a few things that I find noteworthy as I review it.

It’s not exactly odorless, as I can still detect a faint salty-fresh aroma. Maybe it’s the seaweed mixed with the cucumber extract? Not entirely sure. The scent isn’t fantastic but it’s not too bad either. I mean, my bar for “problematic scent” is pretty high. It has to make me feel queasy and give me a pounding headache before it’s truly an issue.

As with most cleansing waters, you put it on a cotton pad and wipe your face thoroughly without rinsing it off. I didn’t feel any pinching when cleansing my face, including around my eyes.

Its makeup removing power is amazing (surprisingly) as it can remove some of my stubborn lip tan. Since I don’t wear heavy eye makeup, I can’t judge if it’s suitable for removing water lines and the like. My usual makeup consists of :

  • thin layer of foundation
  • dab of concealer
  • touch of powder
  • hint of lipstick or lip tint.

Micellar water typically does a great job of removing makeup, but the real question is whether it will cause breakouts and ruin my week. I have been using it for a month now to see if that would happen, and thankfully it hasn’t. My skin is still the same oily-combination with a few sunspots, and I am happy to report that there have been no new additions to my acne collection.

The only downside for me personally (or rather my oily combination skin) is that it leaves my T-zone a bit oily, but for those with dry skin, this may be a perk as it keeps your skin from feeling tight and dry after cleansing. And, it does have lots of skin conditioning agents, so that pretty much explains it.

Overall, I liked Wardah Micellar Cleansing Water because it is comfortable and provides good cleansing for those with light makeup like me. Have you tried this product yet?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is micellar water good for face?

Micellar water is a gentle and effective way to cleanse the face and remove makeup, dirt, and impurities. It’s a great option for those with sensitive skin, as it is typically free of harsh ingredients and fragrances.

Micellar water is made up of micelles, which are tiny clusters of oil molecules suspended in water. These micelles work by attracting dirt, makeup, and impurities, effectively lifting them away from the skin without the need for harsh rubbing or scrubbing. This gentle cleansing action makes it suitable for all skin types, and can help remove makeup, grime and impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Additionally, Micellar water usually contains skin conditioning ingredients such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and other moisturizing agents, that helps to keep the skin hydrated and healthy. So overall it’s a great option for those with sensitive skin who is looking for an easy and effective way to cleanse the face.

Do you use micellar water before or after face wash?

The proper use of micellar water in your skincare routine depends on personal preference, as well as the type of products you’re using and your skin type.

One way to use micellar water is as a pre-cleanse step, to remove makeup and other impurities before washing your face. This can be especially useful if you wear heavy makeup or have particularly oily or dirty skin. Using micellar water as a pre-cleanse can also help to remove any remaining traces of makeup or impurities after using makeup remover or wipes.

Alternatively, you can also use micellar water as a standalone cleanser, in which case you may skip the face wash altogether. Micellar water is gentle enough to cleanse the skin on its own, although you may want to follow it up with a toner and moisturizer.

How do you double cleanse with micellar?

The double cleansing method involves using two products in succession to thoroughly cleanse the skin. The first step is to use an oil-based product, such as a cleansing oil or balm, to remove makeup and excess oil from the skin. The second step is to use a water-based product, such as a micellar water or a foam cleanser, to remove any remaining impurities and to cleanse the skin deeply.

When double cleansing with micellar water, you would use it as the second step of your routine, after you have already removed makeup with an oil-based product.

Here’s an example of a double cleansing routine with micellar water:

  1. Apply micellar water to a cotton pad.
  2. Begin by removing your makeup with a cleansing oil or balm. Gently massage it onto your dry skin to dissolve and remove makeup, sunscreen, and impurities.
  3. Using a fresh cotton pad, cleanse the face by wiping away makeup, oil and dirt.
  4. Rinse the face with warm water.
  5. As a second step, use a regular water-based cleanser such as Farmacy Clean Bee Cleanser, which contains gentle ingredients like chamomile, hyaluronic acid, and honey to wash the face.

Is micellar water for morning or night?

Micellar water is versatile and can be used both in the morning and at night. It can be used as a gentle cleanser to remove sweat, dirt, and oil that have accumulated on the skin overnight. In the morning, it can be used as a quick and easy way to refresh and hydrate the skin, as well as remove any traces of makeup that may have been missed the night before.

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