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Last weekend I went to visit one of my closest friends from home, Jessi, in Chicago. The first time I ever knew she existed was when her boyfriend at the time met me and said “You look just like my girlfriend”. The first time my mother met Jessi was at some tennis event (that I was not present at) and she saw her from behind, grabbed her, and asked why she wasn’t at work, thinking she was me. (She would also get us confused in passing at my house if one of us walked by quickly). People always ask if we are sister and Jessi always replies yes so I play along with it.

She hates photos (unlike me) but here is one of us I forced her to take in San Diego when she took me to the zoo to see koalas and feel better about my life this January. She moved from San Diego to Chicago a few months ago to finish school and live with her boyfriend, whom I love for the record. (Thanks for sleeping on the couch and giving me the bed, Alex.)


Me and Jessi.

So in case you didn’t know I’m a closet history nerd. I love museums. I mean, I guess I like history in the sense that I’m into the human geography aspect of it all – more anthropology (and also into Anthropologie, the store) than anything. History of Costume was definitely my favorite class in the Fashion aspect of my college career. Jessi took me to the Field Museum which I haven’t been to since I was a little girl and my grandmother and I went to Chicago to go to The American Girl Place before there were multiple locations (you can see why I am the way I am). I couldn’t remember why I loved it so much until I remembered the Titanic exhibition during the height of Titanic fever.

It was cold and windy and miserable all weekend, so I guess typical Chicago-Midwest-Winter in general weather. I try not to wear this fur vest when it’s raining because no one wants matted fur but it hadn’t seen the light of day in months so I brought it out.

Also – fun to note – this is what I look like after being in the rain trying to hail a cab (thank God for Uber Chicago) and with no make-up on. I haven’t worn make-up for two weeks! I need to get my life together.


I’m going to find myself on a “worst fashion blog poses” Tumblr someday (DON’T steal that idea).


Checking the time… WHERE IS MY UBER CAR?


Get my look:
Vest: American Eagle Outfitters (old)
Jeans: DL1961 – Emma
Top: American Eagle Outfitters – Easy Dolman T
Boots: Sam & Libby – Paxton Strappy Ankle Boots (from Target – yeah, I’m as shocked as you are. My first Target clothing purchase basically ever, minus a Thakoon bikini.)

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