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My biggest pet peeve in life is people wearing sweatpants at the airport. You’re getting on an airplane, not sitting on your couch watching Lifetime. If you’re on a transoceanic flight, sure, throw some sweats in your bag and change on the plane. Change back into real clothes before you deplane.

I have never worn sweat pants or yoga pants to the airport. I typically wear heels (well, at least wedges) to the airport. I attribute part of this to the fact that my family is all about wearing real clothes. One time in middle school I tried to wear some cute Hollister sweatpants (I WAS IN EIGHTH GRADE GIVE ME A BREAK) to school – both of my parents promptly stopped me and told me to go put on real clothes. My mother never really allowed me to wear sweatshirts out more than one day a week. When you get down to it, my parents honestly did a great job raising me to be a functioning, presentable adult human being. I grew up in Southern West Virginia. Things could have ended bad for me in the fashion department.   (Thankfully my parents were transplants and I was born in PA – arguably a step up).

I am all about non-blue jean denim pants right now. The advent of fashionable silk pants is really paramount to my soft dressing phase that I’m going through right now. These pants are perfect for the airport not just because they are comfy but because they don’t wrinkle – just like this linen top (I LOVE linen)! No one wants to feel like a ragamuffin headed to dinner after spending a few hours traveling on a Friday evening.

You will look like a ragamuffin if you don’t do your hair or make-up after a 16 hour day as seen below.


New city, new pose.


TWO photos. It’s getting real.


Get my look:
Top: Madewell (old)
Pants: Aerie – Day to Night Printed Silky Pant
Shoes: Coconuts – Goldrush
Jacket: Nordstrom – Kenna-T Essential Leather Moto Jacket
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff – Mini MAC in Hunter Green


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