So, You Want to Dress Like a Hunter | Almost Getting It Together

I didn’t really plan for my outfit to be this decently put together and cute when I got dressed this morning. I was having a fat day, brought on by my carb binge after a few too many vodka sodas Saturday night.  I had another outfit entirely planned out in my head during my morning run (sixty minutes gives you a lot of time to mull over your clothing choices), but then decided I should wear these camo pants before the trend was over.

I actually remembered walking to my car this morning that I had a camo skirt in junior high, possibly earlier. I really strayed away from the print growing up because of where I grew up – Southern West Virgina. I thought hunting was pretty redneck and trashy, even though my entire male family hunts. Getting older, I realized in Western PA it’s how guys bond with their dads, which is interesting to imagine my dad’s family hunting in Italy and coming here and doing it. I’m guessing it’s a hobby they picked up in America.

I also am trying a new pose. I’m still getting the hang of bothering people to take a photo of me and I’m not that photogenic when I’m taking photos in outfits, so I accidentally look fat in this photo. I did upgrade to a real camera for this photo. Next thing you know I’ll have detail shots and maybe even editing. Baby steps.


Trying a new pose.


Get my look:
Pants – BDG Cigarette Mid-Rise Jean
Tank – Brandy Melville
Jacket – TCEC
Shoes –  MIA (old)

The jacket is one I don’t wear a lot, even though I like it. I think it’s a little big on me, but I love the cheetah details in the sleeves. I bought it from some random boutique in LA where I also bought my all-time favorite black basic tee. I wish I remembered the name of the store. I’m a terrible fashion blogger, I know.

Another fun thing to mention is this is what my hair looks like when it’s clean, i.e. terrible. I need to live in a city with DryBar. (Note how I don’t say I need a DryBar in my city… woof.) I’m going to do a whole post on how to stop washing your hair so often. I love how my Day 1 hair feels, but hate how it looks. I should consider washing my hair more than once a week since I’m typically running ~30 miles and going to hot yoga 4-5 times in a typical week. Batiste is my best friend.

Chat with me:Do you post pictures of your outfits? Do you feel as awkward as me in front of the camera?

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