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Looking at these photos, this isn’t the most flattering shirt. It’s cute, yes, but it’s a little boxy. I definitely remember thinking that in the fitting room trying it on, but I was having a day and just needed to spend money so I bought it. I decided to mix prints a little bit and pair these with my favorite cheetah booties. I have never gotten more compliments on a pair of shoes. I’ve worn them so much the cheetah is wearing out on the side but I just continue rocking them weekly.

But… on to the main event, the jeans. These jeans are my favorite. They were a little more flattering when I wasn’t running as much and my legs were more stick then toned, but as long as they fit I still love them. I don’t love the super-muscular look in jeans. I actually bought them after a run super randomly in San Francisco around this time last year at Industrie Denim.

There is something to be said about good jeans. People may scoff at $200 jeans, but if you think of how much you’re going to wear them (I wear these jeans at least once a week September through May), the price per wear goes way down. (Disclaimer: these weren’t quite $200.)

I started dabbling in designer denim over two years ago when I graduated from college and started losing my Freshman Thirty Fifteen. Suddenly my jeans were falling down at work. I was so frustrated I ran across the street and bought a pair two sizes down. Feeling victorious, I ventured to Nordstrom a few days later and bought my first pair of Seven For All Mankind. I scoured Rue La La and started stocking up on more premium denim. There’s something about premium denim… they don’t stretch out, they don’t fade, and they just fit perfectly. If you’re going to spend big bucks on one article of clothing (considering shoes their own category), spend it on good jeans.

Last year on my infamous San Fran run that ended at Industrie Denim, I tried on these Rich & Skinny ankle jeans and I’ve never been more in love with a pair of jeans. Industrie even has a “Booty Cam” that shows your butt on a closed-circuit TV to ensure you have the perfect fit. Note these are ankle jeans with a dolphin hem but fit me perfectly. I wake up and thank God every day that even though I’m short, I’m leggy for being 5 feet tall. There’s nothing worse in life than being short with short legs. I wish I had a longer torso and 3-4 inches every day, but until that happens, I’ll take the small victories.

Channeling Orange is the New Black in my stripes.

Open-back detailing and wondering what people are doing running in the afternoon.

Cheetah is the new neutral.

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Top: American Eagle Outfitters
Jeans: Rich & Skinny
Booties: Sam Edelman “Salina”

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