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When you’re reading this, I’m probably headed out west for a getaway for a few days. Just kidding, I’m probably still sitting at my desk at work and getting anxiety about all the stuff I have to get done before I leave. Anyway – have something to talk about at brunch this week other than the Olympics and Polar Vortexies with some cool stuff I’ve caught this week.


  • My favorite author, Bret Easton Ellis and my favorite rapper, Kanye West, are working on a screenplay together. (Note to self: still need to see The Canyons, even though it looks awful/Lindsay Lohan was only talented in Mean Girls.)
  • If people in Antarctica can find love via Tinder, maybe I should give it a try.
  • I’m such a food/diet snob which is probably also why I’m single. This guy will let you know if the person you’re dating/hooking up with/married to is a good match based on what’s in their fridge. To be fair to all guilty parties, I figured I would show you watch on my fridge on a Wednesday night two nights before I leave for almost a week:

Here’s what you’re seeing: Lululemon bag with my lunch and snacks for Thursday (leftover stir fry, brie cheese, turkey, carrots & hummus), my dad’s camp water bottle, random condiments (sugar free pasta sauce, homemade pesto, bbq sauce), brown eggs, oatmeal experiment in a bowl, individual yogurts for dad, plain 0% and 2% Greek yogurt for me, no-salt added cottage cheese, cut up lemons, pears, apples, random roasted veggies, cheese, egg whites – oh and I think that’s a jar of deer parts in the corner. There is also a half-empty bottle of white wine just so you don’t think I’m a total teetotaler.


  • I can’t stop thinking about this Spinach Artichoke Quinoa Casserole from Making Thyme for Health.
  • I never have the patience for baked oats, but I may try making this Cheesecake Baked Oatmeal next week and having it the next day warmed up.
  • I have this secret weird thing about last meals of people on death row. It’s one of those things I get sucked in researching on Wikipedia for hours. This is a visual of famous people’s last meals from Cleopatra to Princess Di.


  • My friend (and tastemaker) Emily played “Take Me to Church” by Hozier for me in the car the other day and I can’t get over it. Take a listen.

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Do you judge people by what’s in their fridge? What does your ideal mate have in their fridge?

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