Is cool blonde the same as ash blonde?

Is cool blonde the same as ash blonde?

Absolutely not! Cool blonde and ash blonde are two very different shades of blonde. Cool blonde typically has a hint of blue or purple, giving it a cool, icy tone. This shade of blonde is perfect for those with cool skin tones, as it helps enhance the complexion. In contrast, ash blonde has a more neutral and greyish tone. It is an elegant, low-maintenance shade of blonde that is perfect for those with warm skin tones. Ash blonde is also great for those with naturally darker hair, as it provides a subtle way to lighten the hair without it looking too drastic. So, no, cool blonde and ash blonde are not the same!

What is cool blonde hair color?

Cool blonde hair color refers to shades of blonde that have a more cool or ash undertone. These shades typically include platinum blonde, ash blonde, and any other blonde shades that have a hint of gray, silver or white. This kind of blonde shades are best for people with cool skin tones, with natural hair that is ash or cool brown. And also it will neutralize warm and yellow undertones, that can be caused by sun damage and overuse of heating tools.

What is ash blonde hair color?

Ash blonde
Ash blonde hair color is a shade of blonde that has a cool, gray undertone. It is achieved by adding a small amount of ash pigments to the hair dye. The result is a blonde color that has a slight gray or silver cast, rather than a yellow or golden one. This shade is best suited for people with cool or neutral skin tones and light, cool-toned natural hair, as it can neutralize yellow or orange undertones.

Ash blonde can look very similar to platinum blonde, but usually with more cool, pale and light tones. Additionally, due to its cool undertone, it will help to neutralize any warmth on the hair

To find the most flattering blonde hair color for your skin tone, consider your skin’s undertones and the jewelry you typically wear. Warmer, golden blonde shades typically look best on paler skin, while cooler blonde shades complement darker, olive skin. Neutral blonde shades are a safe choice for any skin tone. For a more expensive, dimensional look, it’s recommended to incorporate both cool and warm shades into your hair. Consult with a hair colorist to determine which shades will flatter you best.

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