How To Make Your Own Textured Snow Paint

I discovered a homemade version of Snow-Tex, which is a product used for adding texture to craft projects, and I wanted to share it with others as an alternative to purchasing Snow-Tex from a store. After trying it out myself, I knew it was worth sharing.

I recently came across an idea for a craft project from Crafts by Amanda and decided to give it a try using some Scrabble letters I had lying around. Amanda’s suggestion was to use Snow-Tex, which creates a realistic snow effect, but I didn’t have any on hand and wanted to start the project right away. I did some searching and found a recipe for homemade snow paint texture, which turned out so well that I wanted to share it with others. After using the technique to make a winter-themed ornament, I ended up making several more using the same method.


Ingredients for DIY textured snow paint

  • White paint (I used acrylic craft paint)
  • Sand (I “stole” some from our backyard sand box!)
  • Glue (I used tacky glue)
  • Small cup (disposable) for mixing

I came up with my own recipe for homemade snow paint texture by experimenting with different amounts of ingredients until I found a consistency I liked. According to CraftIdeas.info, the recipe calls for precise measurements, but I just added sand and a large amount of paint to a bowl and mixed it together until it became a thick mixture.


I found that it was easier to mix just a little glue (contrary to the “official” instructions) and then add a little more glue to the surface I wanted to apply the snow (in this case the top of the letters), than to apply the mixture with a brush. (My tip: Choose a brush that you don’t have to throw away when you’re done!) And it worked well – no snow clumps have fallen off yet!

I kind of like the way the “snow” dripped a little on the letter Y – so much more authentic that way! 

When it was all dry, I dabbed on some Mod Podge to seal the “snow” in place. 

Let’s hear it for getting a couple of gifts out of the way early! 

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