Can I use T14 on orange hair?

Can I use T14 on orange hair?

Can I use T14 on orange hair?

Are you experiencing orange hair after attempting to go from dark to blonde using at-home hair dye? This can happen when you try to bleach your hair. Why does this happen?

Hair is made up of keratin protein and pigment, and everyone’s hair has a unique mixture of pigments. However, there are a few general factors that apply to all hair:

  • The darker your hair, the more pigment it contains.
  • When lightening your hair, the cool pigments (smaller molecules) will be the first to disappear, while the warmer tones (larger molecules, including gold and orange) will last longer and may be more noticeable.

Can I use T14 on orange hair?

Yes, absolutely! Using T14 on orange hair is a great way to go lighter and slightly cooler. The T14 shade will help to even out any inconsistent orange tones in your hair and make it look more natural and even.

Although it won’t lift you all the way to platinum, it will lighten the underlying pigment and make it much easier to achieve that goal. It will also leave your hair feeling soft and healthy, while adding a cool, ashy tone to your overall color.

The key to achieving your desired hair color is not necessarily eliminating all orange or yellow tones, but rather learning how to neutralize them. If you used a box bleach product on your black hair with the expectation of achieving a beautiful blonde shade, you may have been disappointed with the results.

This is because many factors can affect the outcome of lightening your hair, including your natural color, underlying pigments, product buildup, previous hair colors, the pH of your hair, and more. If you are not aware of how these factors can impact your hair, it may be difficult to achieve your desired results.

Be sure to talk to your stylist before you start the process to make sure you are using the right products and technique. With the right products, you can be sure to achieve the look you desire. So go ahead and give it a try!

Use a toning shampoo

If your hair has only a slight yellow or orange tint, you may be able to use a toning shampoo to help neutralize these unwanted tones. Purple and blue toning shampoos are designed to address minimal discoloration and can help to eliminate slight yellow or brassy tones. These shampoos are not a miracle fix and may not be effective for more severe discoloration, but they can be helpful for minimal warm tones. Purple shampoo works by using the color opposite of yellow on the color wheel (purple) to neutralize yellow tones in the hair.

Purple shampoo is designed to help maintain blonde hair and neutralize yellow tones. This is because purple is opposite yellow on the color wheel and can therefore help to cancel out yellow tones. Blue shampoo is slightly stronger than purple and can be used to neutralize slightly darker yellows or light oranges. Using purple or blue shampoo once or twice a week can help eliminate yellow tones and maintain blonde hair. It is important to use these shampoos as part of your hair care routine, but not on a daily basis.

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