Baskets – How To Calm Clutter In One Simple Step

There are countless ways to organize. Just conduct a fast search on Google or Pinterest, and you’ll find everything from Marie Kondo to just setting fire to the house! There are moments when the latter option sounds much simpler than going through anything. However, DON’T DO THAT, AS IT IS A FELONY. There is one piece of advice that I can offer that assists me in calm clutter in one simple step. In addition, if you are a parent, you are aware that clutter happens virtually ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE.

The clutter in my home is one of the primary contributors to my anxiety. I grew up in a home that basically looked like a model home where you met with a realtor and signed papers. Although there is no one actually living there, but it looks clean and nice. But the truth was that we indeed live there, just there was no evidence. And that is how my dad like it, and that is how he still maintains it to this day. Because it’s just him and my mom now, things are probably going to go much more smoothly.

Now, when I was in high school, I wasn’t always like this at all. I had clothing lying around on the floor, junk all about, and all the other things. During college, I got a little more organized, and I would frequently stay up late on random evenings to reorganise a drawer or two…or five. Was I the roommate with the cleanest habits? Was I the cleanest roommate? No. I was terrible at doing dishes and all that stuff and to all my college roommates, I formally apologize.

Fast forward to adulthood…It’s sort of morphed into a bit of OCD. I can absolutely understand why my dad might be tense at times, and I really do wish that my home had the same aesthetic as his. I share my home with three other individuals, none of whom are similar to me and have no clue as to why I experience things the way I do. Consequently, it was up to me to devise a method that was systematic while still being accessible to everyone else.
One word — BASKETS.


Baskets prevent me from nagging and yelling

Due to the fact that I am also a contributor to the problem, I am aware of how certain things can be overlooked. My issue is that I am the one who is most bothered by the messiness, and as a result, I am the one who is either pestering everyone else to put their things away or just doing it myself.

I’m sick of nagging and yelling. I mean, nobody wants to stop what they’re doing to pick up, including myself; it’s just not a priority. I understand. This is the reason why the basket is so incredible. Because it is emptied at the same time every day, this means that there is time built into our day specifically for putting away all of the miscellaneous items. There is no nagging, yelling, or reminding.

Baskets Everywhere

basket on stairs

I have intentionally and purposefully placed baskets in various areas to calm the clutter so that it is not bursting at the seams with items that do not have a home. At the bottom of our middle flight of stairs, we have one that serves as a catchall for toys and other items that need to be brought to the next level after night. Let’s just say that this one is typically stuffed with old socks and other miscellaneous items.


Under the coffee table, we have two shallow baskets where we keep books, notepads, and the clipboard that my son uses for his assignments. One basket is set aside for the mom and dad, while the other is for the kids. They are aware of which one belongs to them, and it is filled up really rapidly. I make sure to check over it once every couple of weeks just to make sure that it doesn’t over flow.

basket under coffee table

We have an entire system of baskets in the playroom and my office. There are so many little toys or parts to toys that if they all had individual boxes or were out, I’d go nuts! The same goes for my craft supplies in my office. It also helps that all of these are cloth and not see through. Cube storage is legit a God send to all mothers.

Finally, I have a basket in my car too. If you have children, you already know how much they enjoy bringing their toys with them when they ride in the car. They, inevitably, get left, forgotten, or they bring more than one. The car becomes full really quickly, and by the time it does, all you want to do is grab one of those industrial-sized carwash vacuums and use it to clean the interior of the vehicle. My basket will be useful in this situation.

My kids are aware that whenever we get out of the car to go inside a store or the house, the toys go into the basket. They have the option to bring them back inside, but if they don’t, the item will not be placed on the floor board. Every once in a while, the basket will be full, at which point we will bring it inside, and I will inform them that they will not be allowed to bring anything else back in the car until they have put everything away.

Baskets have been a sanity saver on many days for me and I hope they will for you as well. How do you calm your most cluttered areas?

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