Are Boys Really That Different From Girls?

As a mother to both girls and boys, I wonder if there really are any inherent differences between the two genders. As a society, we tend to place a lot of emphasis on gender roles and expectations, and it can be difficult to know what to believe.

When you become the mother of a girl and a boy, you begin to notice. It’s something you may have been told before you had kids, but never give it much thought because it didn’t seem to have any impact on your life. It’s a timeless truth that says raising girls and boys is just different. It seems obvious, but after I became a mother, I convinced myself that there really couldn’t be that much of a difference when it came to raising kids of different genders, at least not when they were small.

Are Boys Really Different From Girls

However, after about 14 months of thought and careful observation, I have to admit that those old sayings about boys and girls being different might just be true. Growing up with only sisters, I was used to the typical girl behaviors like fighting over dolls, playing dress-up, and and pulling each other’s hair in the midst of an occasional disagreement. But having a son has completely changed the dynamic of my household and made me see things in a whole new light.

As a stay-at-home mom, I have the unique opportunity and privilege to be the “eyes and ears” of my home and pay close attention to the goings-on within it. I get to listen in on my daughter’s conversations with her dolls and my son’s babbling as he hides in different corners of the house. It’s a special role that I take great pride in, and it’s allowed me to see just how different my two children can be.

As I’ve watched my household grow, not only in size but in gender, I have also watched the activities in my home go from playing “princess” with tea parties to playing princess with half of a tea set and a chipped cup because a certain someone seemed to think smashing his tea cup on the table was much more entertaining.

I’ve seen dinner turn from a quiet, mess-free evening into a frenzied event filled with food flying from one side to the other; I have seen our family room turn from an organized game into a “let’s see if we can get all the toys out of their current place, just because” game. I’ve seen my make up drawer turn into a drawer full of potential chew toys. And I have seen crayons transform from a source of living creations to a product of living excrement.

Addition of boy in our family

As a mom, I can’t deny that having a son has completely changed the dynamic of our family. It’s been a wild ride, has turned our home on it’s nose is an understatement. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. Our home has become so much more lively and joyful because of our sweet little boy. He’s brought so much laughter and enthusiasm into our lives, and he’s also given his sister a constant companion. All in all, adding a boy to our family has been a wonderful experience, and I’m grateful for the love and joy he brings every day.
As for my daughter, her love continues to blow my mind and motherly expectations. She teaches me each day the importance of forgiveness and acceptance. It’s through her actions and her words that constantly transform my heart. She has such a desire to call out the good in all aspects of life. I am truly encouraged by the amount of strength she possesses.


So…is raising girls and boys so different?

My answer is… definitely.

I also recognize that each individual is unique and that boys and girls are more alike than they are different. But as a mom of both, I can’t help but be struck by the subtle and not-so-subtle ways in which my son and daughter differ from one another. And it’s these differences that make parenting so rewarding and enriching.

Their actions are different, their nature is different and their energy is different, but the love remains the same. It is an enveloping love. It reaches far beyond the shadows and grabs anyone who gets in its way. And though our world may seem a bit more chaotic these days, the love we have is far richer than anything we have ever experienced. So cheers to the boys and girls and all the craziness that comes with it! We’re in this together!

Final thoughts

From my own experience, I can say that my girls and boys are certainly different in many ways. My girls are often more sensitive and emotional, while my boys tend to be more boisterous and physical. But I also know that these differences aren’t necessarily due to their gender – they could just as easily be influenced by their personality, environment, or any number of other factors.

At the same time, I believe that boys and girls have much more in common than we often realize. Both genders are capable of a wide range of emotions, interests, and abilities, and it’s important to remember that each individual is unique.

In the end, I think the real answer to the question of whether boys and girls are truly different is that it’s complicated. While there may be some differences due to biology and socialization, I believe that at their core, boys and girls are more alike than they are different. So, it’s essential to treat them with equal respect, love, and care and not to discriminate based on their gender.

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