A Day in the Life – February 17, 2016 – Almost Getting it TogetherAlmost Getting it Together

A day in the life — February 17, 2016.

I always love ‘day in the life’ posts. It’s fun to see how peoples’ routines vary so much from one another. I thought I would share what a day in my life usually looks like — and how I stay looking fresh on the go with the new (to the States!) Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins.

6:15 a.m. – Alarm goes off and I force myself out of bed to get ready for SoulCycle. Before I was injured & riding 5-6 times a week, Wednesday was SoulCycle day. Jenny is one of my favorite instructors and her 7 am class is always a positive way to start my day.

6:20 – After brushing my teeth, I dig around in my closet for my cycling shoes and grab a pair of socks. I lay out what I’m going to wear that day & throw some other stuff in my Longchamp that I use as my gym bag – my wallet incase I want a juice after class, my keys and my water bottle. Always in my bag are an extra set of the essentials – a tube of Nuun, a tin of Vaseline Lip Therapy, a pack of face wipes and a pack of gum. Also this is super ghetto but also my broken iPhone 5S has been in there for four months because I keep wrongly assuming I’m going to drop it off to get fixed.

6:35 – Head out the door to walk up to SoulCycle Union St. It’s a little less than a mile from my apartment. This is also when I reply to all my texts that I’ve gotten since I went to bed & any important blog-related emails. I hate the person looking at their phone & walking but there’s no one on the street this early.

7:00 – Class! It was a good one today. I felt tired because I was up too late looking up restaurants in Santa Monica for a trip back to LA with Kristine & Jane in April to have a SoulCycle-filled wellness weekend.

7:50 – Walk back home. Think about getting a juice from Pressed for lunch tomorrow but also think I need to continue eating real food for lunch. It’s kind of cloudy & windy so I check the weather – it’s supposed to rain this evening. I was going to bike to work but decide to take a Lyft to work & drive my car home (finally) after work.

8:15 – Put water in the kettle for coffee. Have hot water with lemon while I make breakfast – Greek yogurt, a banana, some fruit leftover from a dinner party at Dani’s earlier this week and Trader Joe’s peanut butter with chia and flax seeds. Pour the hot water in my French press and eat breakfast and drink some coffee while I skim through a few blogs.

8:40 – Hop in the shower. My hair is in desperate need of a wash so that happens. My get ready routine is literally “face oil – under-eye cream – body lotion – hair oil (if my hair has been washed) – get dressed – perfume – Vaseline Lip Therapy” and go. I let my hair air dry so it makes getting ready super quick. (You can pick some up for yourself at Target and Target.com!)

9:05 – Request a Lyft since I’m not biking to work and my car is at my office. I also love taking a Lyft to work because it means I can get started on my work e-mails or catch up on Instagram and Snapchat (follow me at @cpisone on both if you’re not already!).

9:40 – Get to work. Start replying to more e-mails.

10:00 – Have a weekly reporting call to talk about how our social media performed in the past week across all our channels. After the call, work on more e-mails, the editorial calendar, schedule some photo shoots, etc.

11:40 – I have a meeting at YouTube which is downtown near the Gap Inc. office so I take the shuttle over since I didn’t bike to work. Even though Old Navy is part of Gap Inc., we have our own office in Mission Bay. I refresh my Vaseline Rose Lip Balm and try and fluff my hair up a little bit on the way — the only problem with it being clean and air drying is it’s not as voluminous as it usually is when it’s a day or two dirty.

12:00 p.m. – Arrive at the Gap Inc. building. I’m super early so I take the chance to answer some e-mails in the lobby before walking over to Market St.

12:30 – Get a tour of the YouTube/Google offices, have lunch (an un-pictured seared tombo tuna salad because I wasn’t going to be that girl) & talk shop with one of my main partners at YouTube. Video is a real passion of mine so I like meetings like this.

2:00 – Head back to my office on the shuttle. Make an Instacart order on the way back. I’m making mussels and zoodles for dinner tomorrow and don’t feel like worrying about stopping at Whole Foods tomorrow, so I make the delivery for Thursday right before I get home.

2:15 – Reapply my Vaseline Lip Therapy before I head into the office — I love how cute the tins are and how they keep my lips hydrated on the go! Emails, meetings, the usual.

3:00 – Meet with the designer and copywriter to go over social posts for the next week before sharing with the larger team. Drink a San Pellegrino.

3:45 – Eat a snack (Kind Dark Chocolate Chunk Granola Bar). I cleaned out my pantry to donate all the stuff I’m never going to eat and found these and brought them to work for when I want to eat sugar somewhat less-terribly.

5:40 – Decide I’m going to go home & head out to my car. For some reason my remote isn’t working so I think “oh the battery must be dead”. So I use the key to get in & my car won’t start. Uh, what? I request roadside assistance through the AAA app and they say someone will be there by 6:11. No biggie, I’ll just chill & work on some freelance work. Then they call at 6:09 and say they’re 30 minutes away. I decide getting home at 730 wasn’t in my plan for the day so I take an Uber home. I’ll have them come jump my car tomorrow. That’s what I get for not driving it for weeks…

6:50 – Ask the Uber driver to leave me at Plate so I can pick up my plate. Kristine introduced me to Plate literally the day before and I was so obsessed I did it for dinner again tonight. It’s pouring the rain so I spent 10 minutes of my ride home trying to decide if I wanted to walk five blocks in the rain without an umbrella or go home and get one. I decide to walk in the rain.

7:05 – Fall in the door with my mail for the day (a jar of Wild Friends Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter and San Pellegrino from Google Express) and run to the kitchen to preheat the oven. I’m starved. Throw my Plate in the oven and change clothes, empty the dishwasher and boil some eggs to have for lunch the rest of the week.

7:30 – Eat dinner (miso-glazed butter fish, coconut dairy-free creamed collared greens and ginger bok choy) and read some blogs (The Kitchn and Food52). Then I eat a pear and some Wild Friend’s for dessert. I realize this is my first meal by myself in a week and my first night home by myself in a week. And likely will be that way until this time next week, too.

8:00 – Finish a freelance article for eHow that’s due tonight. Post a photo to Instagram. Drink another San Pelly.

9:00 – Finish up this day in the life post, listen to The Life of Pablo (I know a guy who knows a guy so I have the whole album without having Tidal).

9:45 – Take a couple melatonin and hop into bed. I have to do it all again tomorrow!

This post was sponsored by Vaseline as part of my partnership with Collectively but all opinions are my own!

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